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Corporate gifting NZOK, we know it’s only September, and you will likely roll your eyes given the theme of this blog is Corporate Christmas gifting, however, we’re not about to apologise... Here at Ivy Studio we are so thoroughly passionate about curating quality, unique and memorable gifts for businesses to show their gratitude to clients and staff, that we want to share our excitement along with our tips for successful gifting, so your company can get a headstart on the season.

Ivy Studio’s 2019 Christmas Collection is the culmination of a year-long search for exceptional products that we are certain will be appreciated and enjoyed over the festive and holiday season. A significant number of the products are award-winning, with some being produced exclusively for Ivy Studio. We have sampled every product and it has earned its place in our compilations due to great taste and quality. We suggest your business should not delay in talking to us, as our fabulous products are produced in small batches and are therefore only available in finite quantities.

Tips for successful gifting

Well considered gifts will keep your business front of mind and show you value your clients and staff. We hope the following hints will assist you to avoid some common gifting pitfalls (and of course we are only too ready to help here!).

  1. Be mindful of cultural differences and dietary restrictions – certain foods or alcohol may not be appropriate.

  2. Consider how many people the gift is for – if it is to be a shared gift, is there enough to go around?

  3. Look into the weights and volumes of products included in a gift hamper – for instance, is the chocolate brownie a 50g single serve that just looks more substantial due to it being presented in a box?

  4. The word ‘artisan’ is fashionable and is often included in a gift box or hamper title. Are all of the products included actually handmade?

  5. Presentation is undoubtedly important and often a matter of taste. In the festive season be wary of paying over the top for gimmicky products – although Christmas-themed product packaging can be appealing, check that the products within are still of high quality.

  6. For a personal touch, a hand-scribed card is always preferable to pre-printed.

  7. Consider incorporating your company branding in the presentation – whether it be a custom card or sticker. But another note of caution: We suggest avoiding using corporate-branded products for gratitude gifts, as they can be viewed as an exercise in marketing rather than generosity.

Ivy Studio is where you can find carefully selected, quality gifts to make successful year-end gifting an enjoyably easy process. Our exquisitely presented compilations all include a ‘box story’ explanation of each of the contents and a complimentary card (with your personal message handwritten inside).

We are sure you will love our service as much as your recipients will love their gifts.

View Ivy Studio’s pre-curated 2019 Christmas Collection online at However, if you have specific product or presentation requirements, we would be delighted to talk to you now. Innovative corporate branding is one of our particular pleasures, but remember to allow time for us to achieve your vision. Contact us now.

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