Study / Exam Time Boost

As we head into the final quarter of the year, study and exam time is looming for learning institutions NZ wide. For those in the thick of preparing for exams, it can seem like groundhog day. We reckon there's nothing like an unexpected treat to combat the stress that exams can perpetuate.

Introducing the Brain Box...

This gorgeous gift should brighten any student's day and boost their morale – we've already test-driven it on our favourite uni student who reported back a big thumbs up!

Thoughtfully curated to send health and happiness, the Brain Box includes Yum granola (gluten free and Paleo friendly), to fuel the brain, a GoodFor Lifetime thermos bottle for hydration, and a real pick-me-up treat: Remarkable Chocolate Marshmallow & Strawberry Bark. With the thermos bottle on the study desk keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, a favourite drink can always be close at hand.   

We've put together three handy Brain Box options. Check them out and feel free to contact us if you'd like a custom Brain Box sent to a special student you know: 

- Susan Lyons

 Brain Box Treat

Loving our any-time-of-the-day brain booster: Yum Granola, natural yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit parfait – healthy and delicious!

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