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SOL Mate

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The sustainable, stylish SOL cups (8oz / 237ml) are re-useable, portable and lightweight. 100% plastic free they are made from hand-blown glass which is non-toxic and chemical free. Glass is less permeable than plastic, therefore it will not absorb residual flavours. The non-toxic thermal silicone sleeve protects your hand from heat. Embrace taste and end waste with a shift in mindset from disposable coffee cups – whose polyethylene lining is not recyclable and releases methane gas into landfills. The SOL cup is perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice and smoothies.

Choose a SOL mate from our range of four colours. We will expertly wrap it and include a hand-written message on the signature Ivy Studio signature card. Why not keep several on hand for the times you require a unique, affordable gift that’s ready wrapped:

  • BASALT BLACK – wrapped in black paper and tied with black string.
  • COOL GREY – wrapped in graphite-coloured paper and tied with black string.
  • RADIANT ROSE – wrapped in floral paper and tied with white string.
  • SEASIDE SLATE – wrapped in natural KRAFT paper and tied with jute twine.

NOTE: Up to and including 6 SOL cups can be sent to a single address for one delivery charge.

The SOL cup cardboard presentation box base can be re-purposed as a holder for items such as pens. The cardboard box is recyclable.

Created for any occasion that calls for a ‘something little’ gift. Ideal as a ‘thanks for having us’, general thank-you or teacher gift (to name but a few). 

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